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Yard Waste

The Town of Edinburgh is working hard to keep our streets and neighborhoods clean.  As a service to the community, the Town provides the following services:


  • Grass clippings, yard waste, tree limbs and brush are picked up Mondays for the west side and Tuesdays for the east side.  Yard waste and grass clippings MUST BE placed in bags weighing no more than 25 pounds. DO NOT BLOW GRASS CLIPPINGS INTO THE STREET as this causes storm drains to become clogged. Yard waste consists of brush, leaves, flowers, shrubs and grass.  Articles other than yard waste must be placed with regular garbage.  Bags containing yard waste and garbage together WILL NOT be picked up.


  • Tree limbs and brush must be placed in a pile at the edge of your property away from the storm drains.  The Town WILL NOT pick up tree trimmings from any residence that has hired a contractor to do the work.  Contractors are responsible for the removal of such items.  If items are left for the Town to remove, homeowners will be charged an hourly fee for labor and equipment.


  • During the last two weeks of July for the east side and the first two weeks of August for the west side, the Town conducts heavy trash pick-up. This service is for EDINBURGH RESIDENTS ONLY; commercial and business locations will not be serviced.  Bringing trash into Town by non-residents is strictly prohibited, the Town reserves the right to charge any property owner for violations of this practice. Residential properties will be serviced ONE TIME ONLY during heavy trash pick-up. 
  • Town WILL NOT pick up tires, chemicals, paint, petroleum products, batteries of any kind, construction or demolition material, computers, tvs or any type of electronics, air conditioning units, refrigerators or anything containing freon.  Small items or loose material must be placed in adequate bags or containers.  Containers will be hauled away as trash, so residents are advised not to use their good trash receptacles.  Also, crews will not rake around the area where the trash was located. 
  • Heavy trash items should be placed at the curb or edge of the street, without causing any type of obstruction, no sooner than 72 hours, and no later than 7:30 a.m. on the starting day of pick-up for the side of town being serviced that week.
  • If trash items are set out anytime other than the scheduled heavy trash removal, there will be a minimum charge of $100 if the town has to remove it.
  • The Town offers dump truck rental to residents for a fee.  The dump truck is delivered to the address between the hours of 4:00 – 4:30 p.m. and picked up by 8:00 a.m. the following workday.  Residents wanting to use this service must contact the Utility Office at 812-526-3514 for more information.


  • The Edinburgh transfer station, located at the sewage treatment plant, is open daily for trash disposal.  There is a nominal charge based on volume of trash.  Fees and hours of service may be obtained by calling 812-526-3530.


The Town is asking that all residents keep their properties free of trash, broken down cars, tires, and any other toxic materials.  Residents and/or homeowners will receive a letter or door hanger for any trash items left out except during heavy trash pick-up.  We ask that you take a proactive approach towards keeping our community clean.  If you know your property is one in need of attention and have a plan for cleaning the property, please contact our office at 812-526-3513.


DO NOT USE “Rumpke” toters for any of the above services.  These toters are to be used for weekly household garbage only.