Campsites & Shelter Rental


Irwin Park has 12 campsites available for RV rental. The sites begin with number 1 as you enter the park and continue in ascending order. Each campsite is available for a night's rental of $20.00 which includes a water and electrical hook up. The spots are for recreational vehicles only. Campsites are available for rental beginning April 1st and ending October 31st.

Shelter Houses:

There are three shelter houses located at Irwin Park. Shelter 1 is the first and largest shelter house. Shelter 1 has 18 picnic tables that can accommodate around 108 people. Shelter 2 has 11 picnic tables that can accommodate 66 people and is located closest to the playground, where children can play without crossing the road. Shelter 3 has 10 picnic tables that can accommodate 60 people and is the last one before you exit the park. Each Shelter House costs $30.00 per day.

Rental Procedures and Rules:

In order to rent any of the shelter houses or campsites from Irwin Park, guests must pay and sign a rental agreement at the Edinburgh Park and Recreation Building at 722 S Eisenhower Dr.

Rules will be given in the rental agreement to follow while utilizing the campsites. Rules must be adhered to or guest will be asked to leave the facility with no refund.