Policies & Rules

Rest Haven Cemetery

650 South Eisenhower Drive
P.O. Box 331
Edinburgh, Indiana 46124
Phone 812-526-3529
Fax     812-526-3543



  1. All Cemetery lots and all areas surrounding Cemetery lots owned by the Town of Edinburgh and within the boundaries of Rest Haven Cemetery are subject to the rules and regulations of Rest Haven Cemetery as adopted by the Town Council of Edinburgh and all Cemetery lots shall not be used for any other purpose than the interment of human remains. 

  2. All Cemetery lots must be paid for in full at the time of purchase or before an interment can be made.  

  3. No disinterment shall be made without the appropriate legal documentation and obtaining the appropriate permits from all applicable government organizations. 

  4. No planting of any kind or fencing of any kind is permitted in the ground on or around a Cemetery lot. 

  5. All concrete installed in, on, or around the Cemetery lot must be approved by the Cemetery Sexton and installed under the supervision of the Cemetery personnel.  All concrete items including slabs, benches, or any other concrete item shall be installed only with the direct written approval of the Cemetery Sexton.  The Cemetery Sexton may at his discretion develop rules and procedures to maintain minimum clearance for normal Cemetery maintenance around said items and all graves must be clear of all items from the foot of the grave sixty inches toward the head. 

  6. All human remains must be interred in an appropriate concrete or other appropriate material container. 

  7. All containment of human remains in above ground receptacles must be approved by the Cemetery Sexton under the supervision of the Edinburgh Town Council and must have an appropriated endowment for perpetual maintenance. 

  8. All ground markers will be installed by the Cemetery Sexton or designated personnel for boundaries and shall not be removed or altered except as directed by the Cemetery Sexton.  If the Cemetery Sexton does move an established ground marker then the sexton shall make written notes of the old location, the reason for the removal and the new location on the records of the Cemetery. 

  9. The Cemetery Sexton shall have sole discretion to determine if any articles of any type left on Cemetery lots are in disrepair or a deterioration condition and the determine if said items should be removed.  The Cemetery Sexton is hereby authorized to remove any items that he feels are in a deteriorating or poor condition or would distract from the overall appearance of the Cemetery. 

  10. All Cemetery maintenance within the boundaries of Rest Haven Cemetery including but not limited to ground repair, digging of graves, mowing of grass shall be accomplished by authorized Cemetery personnel.  No equipment not owned or authorized by the Cemetery shall be permitted to work or be used within the boundaries of Rest Haven Cemetery. 

  11. The speed limit of the Rest Haven Cemetery is established at 15 miles per hour and parking on the grass is prohibited. 

  12. All workmen employed other than by the Town of Edinburgh for work of any kind are subject to the control, and specific direction off the Cemetery Sexton or authorized Cemetery personnel shall be required to leave the premises of Rest Haven Cemetery and not be permitted to work on Cemetery property. 

  13. All glass objects or any other object deemed to be dangerous by the Cemetery Sexton are prohibited.  If any glass objects or other objects deemed to be dangerous to the Cemetery personnel or others using the Cemetery shall be removed at the sole discretion of the Cemetery Sexton or authorized Cemetery personnel. 

  14. During any mowing season any article placed in the ground other than normal Cemetery markers (head stones, monuments, etc.) shall be removed by Cemetery personnel for the safety of Cemetery personnel. 

  15. All funeral flowers will be removed no later than 72 hours after the funeral.  In the event Cemetery flowers are not removed within 72 hours Cemetery personnel shall remove them and discard them. 

  16. All rollerblading, bicycles and pets are prohibited in Rest Haven Cemetery. 

  17. These rules and regulations are subject to change without notice at any time upon notice by the Cemetery Sexton to and the approval of the Edinburgh Town Council. 

  18. Graves can only be held by a spouse of the deceased for a period of no more than sixty days of the day of burial. 

  19. Cemetery open from Dawn to Dusk


    Rest Haven Cemetery

    Rules for Section N

    Memorial Gardens


    1. No up right markers, monuments or memorials allowed in this section except mausoleums.


    1. No concrete flower slabs allowed in this section.


    1. Flowers are allowed in a vase holder only attached to the bronze or granite ground marker or foundation.


    1. No flowers or any other items on the ground.


    1. No shepherd hooks.


    1. No benches or any other items on the ground.


    1. These rules are in addition to the rules of the rest of the Cemetery.



    Rest Haven Cemetery

    Rules for the Badger Addition


    Because of maintaining the entire Cemetery we will no longer be able to allow things in our new sections that cost time and money. We try to keep staff to a minimum and still keep our Cemetery beautiful and still show respect to the families. There are no exceptions to these rules.


    1. Nothing allowed on or stuck in the ground.
    2. No benches or shepherd hooks.
    3. No concrete slabs.
    4. No flower pots or vases on the ground.
    5. You may decorate your stone or you may have vases on your stone to decorate. No other places allowed to decorate.
    6. Maximum stone base size for single 39” X 14” for double 80” X 14”
    7. These rules are in addition to the rules of the rest of the Cemetery.


    Signatures by purchasers agrees to these rules and acknowledges that all family members will adhere to these rules.