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How do I have my electric service disconnected?
Customers must visit the utility office to request disconnection.
How long will it take to get service connected?
Normally service can be connected the same day as long as the service application and deposit have been completed by 2:00 PM.
What will the Electric meter deposit cost?
Residential customers will pay a $200.00 deposit, Non-Residential customers will pay a $600.00 deposit, and Three-Phase Commercial Service customers will pay a $2,000.00 deposit.
How do I sign up for service?
Customers who need their service connected must complete a service application and pay a meter deposit by visiting the utility office located at 107 S. Holland Street. Driver's license or a photo ID is needed when completing the service application.
How do I get utility service put in my name?
You need to come into the office, fill out a service application, pay a meter deposit and bring photo identification.
Results 1-5 of 5