Building Permit

Upon issuance of a permit, the applicant is responsible for notifying the Building & Zoning Official that various stages of construction are ready for inspection. (The applicant may request that the contractor or other representative assume this responsibility.)
The following are some inspections which may be required:
  • Location - structure staked, prior to footing being installed
  • Footing Inspection - after excavation before concrete
  • Foundation Inspection - before installing sub-floor
  • Sanitary - prior to covering of sewer tap-on (contact the Town's Street Department)
  • Rough-In - prior to enclosure of both sides of framing but after plumbing and electrical has been stubbed in
  • Final - Upon completion of job described in application, and prior to occupancy
Adopted by the Town of Edinburgh, Indiana, by Ordinance
Further information can be obtained through the Town Hall, located at 107 South Holland Street, Edinburgh, Indiana 46124. Phone 812-526-3512 Extension 4.