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Can the ball diamonds be rented?
Yes, for $80 dollars per day, per diamond
How do I know if a game has been canceled due to weather?
When games are canceled your coach will contact you. Game cancellations will also be posted on our Facebook page at . There will also be a message sent out through our texting program. To sign up for the texting program please text EPARKS to 36000.
How much does it cost to rent a shelter house?
How much does it cost to rent the community room and recreation room?
The community room can be rented for $200 for the whole day or $100 for a half day. The recreation room can be rented for $70 for a 2 hour party minimum and $35 for each additional hour.
How do I sign up for the Parks texting program?
Please text EPARKS to 36000 to receive information concerning game cancellations and events that the Park and Rec are having.
Results 1-5 of 5