Tree Trimming

Edinburgh Power & Light must keep trees and shrubs trimmed to ensure reliable electric service and to maintain industry-required clearances around electric distribution and transmission lines.

EP&L offers a "Tree for Tree" program, allowing the customer to have a tree removed including the stump and replaced with a new tree planted away from the electric lines. This program is offered only to those that have trees in the EP&L primary lines.

To reduce the occurrence of trees and shrubs in rights-of-way and easements, we encourage property owners to learn more about their property and avoid planting any new vegetation in these areas. The following are links to helpful information on tree placement, selection and planting.


If a tree located on private property has branches encroaching on a power line, EP&L will trim away the obstruction at the customer's request. To request this service or for additional information on tree trimming, contact 812-526-3514 extension 1.

If you see a tree touching a power line or smoking, don't touch it! The electric lines are energized and can be dangerous. Call 812-526-3514 extension 1 and service personnel will be dispatched immediately to remove the tree branch.