Solid Waste (trash) Removal is provided by Rumpke of Indiana, LLC

Here are a few things you need to know about your trash removal:

  1. You are required to place your trash in the Rumpke toter to receive service.
  2. Bags set out without the toter will not be collected.
  3. All loose trash must be bagged before placed in the toter.
  4. If you have more trash than the waste wheeler can hold, make sure it is bagged and placed on top of waste wheeler.
  5. Toters cannot be used for anything other than household garbage.
  6. Face the waste wheeler toward the street (wheels away from street)
  7. Position the waste wheeler within two feet of the curb.
  8. Avoid placing the waste wheeler near parked cars, mailboxes or other objects.
  9. All Rumpke toters remain the property of Rumpke and any toter failure is the responsibility of Rumpke to repair or replace.
  10. If you experience a problem with your toter you should contact Mary Patterson at the Town Administrative Office, 526-3512.