Winter Snow & Ice

Edinburgh Street Department Snow Removal

The Edinburgh Street Department utilizes five vehicles in its snow fighting efforts: Two one ton trucks with salt spreaders and plows, and three heavy duty trucks with salt spreaders and plows. When roads have at least 2" of snow or start to become slick town crews are called out. 

During a snow or ice event the Edinburgh Street Department will first concentrate on the major traffic roads.  After these streets have had one pass, crews will work on lesser traveled streets.  Because they take the greatest amount of time and have low traffic volumes, dead ends and cul-de-sacs will get attention after that.  After all streets have had one pass on each lane, crews will start to widen the travel lane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who clears sidewalks and driveways?

Both are the responsibility of residents and property owners.  Residents should shovel snow into their yard if possible and not onto the street.  Putting snow onto the street causes dangerously slippery conditions for both motorists and pedestrians.  Town crews try to avoid putting large piles of snow in front of driveways; however, that is not always possible.

Why do the snow plow trucks plow my driveway shut?

It is impossible for the snow plow operator to plow the windrow from every driveway.  Snow plows push snow, it is not a bucket with which you can pick up snow and deposit it elsewhere. To avoid having to double shovel, simply wait until after your street has been plowed to clear your driveway. If you must shovel before the snow plow gets to your street, shovel the snow to the passing side of your driveway (the left side when entering your driveway). The plow will be past your driveway when it hits the snow pile. 

Other Helpful Tips

  • Every effort should be made to remove vehicles from the side of the street.
  • Please stay off the streets if you do not need to be on them.  Traffic on the streets slows the snow removal process.
  • If you meet a snow plow on the street please pull to the side, giving it plenty of room to pass.
  • If you are following a snow plow please stay back a minimum of 75 feet.