Wastewater Department

Watewater Treatment Plant

The focus of the Town of Edinburgh Wastewater Plant is to provide un-interrupted services to its customers and to discharge the cleanest water possible to the states receiving streams. This objective is met by a diligent maintenance program

The Town of Edinburgh currently operates a Class III, 1.5 MGD extended aeration treatment facility consisting of (2) vertical loop reactors, an in-channel grinder, grit/fine screening, two (2) secondary clarifiers, ultra-violet light disinfection, influent/effluent flow meters, a 9.0 MGD three-celled surge lagoon, and cascade post aeration.

Edinburgh's collection system consists of fifteen (15) lift stations, 4.16 miles force main, 3.76 miles storm sewer, 11.18 miles sanitation sewer and 12.53 miles of combination sewer for a total of 31.63 miles of conveyance. We also operate a significant number of dry wells. The Town of Edinburgh currently implements a (CSOOP) Combined Sewer Overflow Operational Plan this means we currently have a maintenance program in place that insures that there is periodic maintenance performed throughout the collection system.

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