Treatment Plant

We are a newly renovated (4-2004 thru 10-2005) extended aeration plant (VLR) which consists of a inline grinder
(muffin monster) a raw pumping station, a fine screen and aerated grit removal. The biological treatment consists of (two) Vertical Loop Reactors ran in series followed by secondary clarifiers (two 50' circular clarifers). We disinfect by using a Trojan-3000 Plus Ultra Violet light system. Our design flow is 1.5mgd with a peak of 3.0mgd.
Treatmant Plant

Edinburgh Waste Water Plant

Our NPDES effluent limitations are 25 and 40 on CBOD, and 30 and 45 on S.S. Ammonia limits are 10.4 mg/l and D.O. minimal is 3 mg/l. We discharge directly into the Big Blue River.
Since we went online with our VLR's our average CBOD is less than 1mg/l and our S.S. is usually around 2-4mg/l and ammonia
less than .1mg/l. We are acheiving 99% removal on CBOD 98% removal on S.S. and 99% removal on ammonia.