Conserving Electric Usage 6/14/22

Please be aware that there is the potential for electrical power shortages throughout this summer. The extreme temperatures this week will be a real test for our electric grid.  At this time the Edinburgh Power & Light does not anticipate any electrical “rolling black outs”, however this is a very real possibility.  We believe our electrical power will be adequate for the nearly 100 degree temperature expected the next few days.  


We strongly encourage all of our residents and businesses to do their part in conserving their electric usage - especially between 2pm-8pm (e.g. up the thermostat a few degrees, close blinds, delay cooking, clothes washing, and any other electric appliances).  Please set your air conditioner thermostats to what your least comfortable temperature might be.  If you are a business or industry your cooperation in conserving electrical usage is absolutely critical.  


Thanks to all for your cooperation during this hot weather in conserving electricity.

Dan Cartwright, Town Manager