System Capacity

The town began using groundwater from the current well field in 1929 with a single groundwater well (Well 1). Groundwater use expanded with an additional well in 1938, 1956 and two wells in 1967. Some old wells were abandoned and replaced with similar wells in the history of the utility. The four production wells currently are identified as Well 1, Well 2, Well 3 and Well 4 and vary in depth from 81 to 109 feet.
These wells are used in various combinations to supply water to the treatment plant that is capable of treating up to 1.4 million gallons per day. At the present time there are no plans to expand either the well field or capacity of the treatment plant. The treatment plant performs iron filtration and chlorination before distribution to the system. The water plant supplied in excess of 253 million gallons of water in 1997 or about 700,000 gallons per day.



Capacity of Water Plant:              1,440,000 Gallons per Day


Storage Tank Capacity:                 2 x 750,000 Gals. Maximum (1,100,000 in tanks at any given time)


Static Pressure:                             59 – 62 PSI


Storage Tank Height:                     North Tank – 117’

                                                        South Tank – 144’


Water Main Size Servicing the Property:             

                10” C – 900 PVC

                12” x C – 900 PVC Main                  East side of US Hwy 31 inside State Hwy right-of-way

                12” x C – 900 PVC Main                  Southside of 800 N, east to Executive Dr.

                10” x SDR – 21 PVC Main               Southside of 800 N, east of Executive Dr. to Co Rd 250 W

                12” x SDR – 21 PVC Main               East side of Co Rd 250W


Fire low test 9/26/13:

                Static 61 psi.

                Residual 40 psi.

                Pito 24

                Flow 2,660 gpm

                1 x 4.5 orfice


Water Quality:

                PH          7.2 – 7.6

                Iron        0 – .04

                Hardness – 330 ppm

                Alkalinity – Total   264 ppm

                Free chlorine average in distribution system .5

                Total chlorine average in distribution system .6



Peak Daily Flow – Approximately 650-700 Gallons per Day (2016)

Average Daily Flow – Approximately 600 Gallons per Day (2016)

Treatment Capacity – 1000 Gallons per Minute

Number of Wells – 4 wells

Approximate Miles of Distribution Lines Approximately 38.4 miles

Treatment Facility Description, Type of Filtration – Gravity Type Filtration Package Plant

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