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Learn Not To Burn Preschool Program

The Edinburgh Fire & Rescue uses the Learn Not to Burn Preschool Programas the building blocks for fire safety education for the children in our community. It is designed for early childhood educators to use to create a unit that is appropriate to the developmental levels of our students. We build from the 8 key fire safety behaviors taught to preschool children as the child grows and matures.

8 Key Fire Safety Behaviors for Preschool Children

  1. Stay away from hot things that can hurt.
    1. The child will identify hot things that can hurt and knows not to touch them.
  2. Tell a grown-up when you find matches or lighters.
    1. The child knows that matches and lighters can get hot and hurt them
  3. Stop, drop, and roll if your clothes catch on fire.
    1. Child will know what to do if their clothes catch on fire.
  4. Cool a burn.
    1. Child can recite the correct first-aid procedure for minor burns
  5. Crawl low under smoke.
    1. The child can describe what to do if there is lots of smoke.
  6. Know the sound of the smoke detector / alarm.
    1. The child will describe the sound of the smoke detector when it's warning of smoke.
    2. The child will know that they must escape the building or home.
  7. Practice an escape plan.
    1. Child will describe routes to take from the care center to the outside and describe the agreed-upon meeting place outside
  8. Recognize the fire fighter as a helper.
    1. Child will recognize the different clothing and equipment use by the fire fighter and identify them as a friendly helper.

These key safety behaviors are taught in a non-threatening way. Fire is frightening, so every effort is made not to scare the children, but rather teach them what to do if they find themselves in danger from fires or burns.