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The Edinburgh Fire & Rescue is a volunteer fire department protecting an area of 35 square miles in the corners of Johnson, Shelby, and Bartholomew Counties and includes service to the Edinburgh Outlet Mall. Edinburgh has a permanent population of 5,000 and a yearly visitor population of over 3 million.

Station One

Station Two

The Edinburgh Fire & Rescue was founded in 1875. One of the early firehouses was located at 107 S. Holland St., the current location of the Town Hall. It housed a horse drawn fire apparatus. In 1962 the Fire Department moved into a new firehouse located at 203 S. Walnut St. on the corner of Walnut & Thompson St. In 1974 the Fire Department started the ambulance service and began transporting patients to the Emergency Room. The Fire Department now operates a 24-hour BLS service utilizing two ambulances and firefighters trained to the EMT level. In 1975 an addition was added to the Fire Station that doubled the size. This addition included offices and additional bay areas. Station 1 now serves as Fire Headquarters. In 1976, concerns over the growing railroad traffic prompted the building of a fire station on the East side of the railroad. Station 2, located off East S.R. 252 at 600 Mary Drybread Ct was constructed using grant money obtained by the Town. In 1991 a local donation supported the construction of an additional 2 bays onto the South end of Station 2.

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