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The Edinburgh Fire & Rescue is a paid standby fire department protecting an area of 35 square miles in the corners of Johnson, Shelby, and Bartholomew Counties and includes service to the Edinburgh Outlet Mall. Edinburgh has a permanent population of 5,000 and a yearly visitor population of over 3 million.

New fire Station 41
Fire Station 41

4100 West 900 North

Edinburgh, Indiana

Fire Station 2

Fire Station 2 

E SR 252 at 600 Mary Drybread Ct


The Edinburgh Fire & Rescue was founded in 1875. One of the early firehouses was located at 107 S. Holland St., the current location of the Town Hall. It housed a horse drawn fire apparatus.

  • In 1962 the Fire Department moved into a new firehouse located at 203 S. Walnut St. on the corner of Walnut & Thompson St.
    • In 1974 the Fire Department started the ambulance service and began transporting patients to the Emergency Room.
    • The Fire Department now operates a 24-hour BLS service utilizing two ambulances and firefighters trained to the EMT level.
    • In 1975 an addition was added to the Fire Station that doubled the size. This addition included offices and additional bay areas.
    • Station 1 now serves as Fire Headquarters.
  • In 1976, concerns over the growing railroad traffic prompted the building of a fire station on the East side of the railroad. Station 2, located off East S.R. 252 at 600 Mary Drybread Ct was constructed using grant money obtained by the Town.
    • In 1991 a local donation supported the construction of an additional 2 bays onto the South end of Station 2.
  • In June of 2022, ground was broken to begin the construction of the new fire station.  
    • In October of 2023 the new fire station was opened.
    • Ribbon cutting will be on October 24, 2023.

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