Golf Cart Registration




Indiana Code 9-13-2-69.7 states "Golf Cart" means a four (4) wheeled motor vehicle originally and specifically designed and intended to transport one (1) or more individuals and golf clubs for the purpose of playing the game of golf on a golf course.

All-terrain vehicles (ATV), and all other off-road vehicles are not permitted on roadways.  Vehicles such as "mini-trucks" must be registered with the state and bear current license plates. *By statute, Municipal owned vehicles are exempt.

Inside the Town of Edinburgh, the following elements are required to operate a properly registered golf cart:

  1. A valid driver’s license or be at least 16 years and 180 days of age and hold an Indiana Identification card.
    1. Drivers are subject to the same motor vehicle operational requirements as if in an automobile.
    2. NO ONE not meeting the above requirements is allowed to drive the cart.
  2. All golf carts must always have proof of insurance in the golf cart during the operation of golf cart in the corporate limits.
  3. All golf carts must display a red or amber flashing light at times of operation.  Said light must be visible from a distance of no less than 500 feet from the rear of the golf cart. 
  4. All golf carts must be equipped with headlamps, taillights and brake lights that are in working order. 
  5. All golf carts must be equipped with a rear-view mirror, seat belts, and a slow-moving vehicle sign.
  6. While in operation, such golf cart must carry no more passengers than they were designed to carry, and all passengers must always be seated and wearing a seat belt.
  7. While operating a golf cart within the corporate limits any operator must abide by all traffic laws in the operation of said golf cart.
  8. As a courtesy, “Please Yield” to faster moving vehicles.
  9. Any person who wishes to operate a golf cart in the Town of Edinburgh must register the golf cart and have said golf cart inspected at the Edinburgh Police Department. 
  10. An annual registration fee of $25.00 will be charged and the registration must always be with the golf cart.
  11. Registration will expire at midnight on December 31st of current year. 
  12. Please place sticker on the left side of the bumper.

 Transferring ownership

  • Anyone that purchases a golf cart that is already registered, they must re-register the golf cart in their name.
  • Same requirements as a new purchase.
  • Check list must be completed. (see below)
  • New registration slip completed in their name.
  • No need to issue a new sticker if the one on cart is current.

Golf Cart Check List

  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Red or Amber Flashing Light
  • Headlamps
  • Taillights
  • Brake Lights
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Seat Belts
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

Golf Cart Violations

  1. Ordinance Violations
    1. $25.00 for the first violation.
    2. $50.00 for the second violation.
    3. $75.00 for the third violation. 
    4. If a person is cited for a violation of this ordinance more than three times, the registration shall be revoked and said golf cart shall be no longer be allowed to operate on streets, roads or alleys within the Town of Edinburgh.
    5. Unregistered golf carts operated on the roadways are a violation of state law and are subject to the provisions of the Indiana Traffic Laws including towing, impoundment and the operator being summoned to the appropriate court of law.
  2. Traffic and Criminal Violations (such as failure to signal turn, speeding, OWI) are subject to the sanctions as if operating an automobile.